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Workshop Presentations

Below is a list of Presentation titles submitted by speakers up to now. Presentations are added to this page when they are submitted.

Anisotropy in Condensed Matter -- liquid crystals, glass and phase coexistence.

  • Dr. Keiko Aoki
  • Institute of Computational Fluid Dynamics

Alcohol in Water: Monte Carlo meets Molecular Dynamics

  • Prof. Marcia Barbosa

Differential mutation approach for structural optimization

  • Prof. Katja Biswas
  • University of North Georgia

Towards accurate predictions of finite temperature properties of ferroelectric oxides

  • Dr. Valentino Cooper
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"Hyper-uniformity and static structure factor in ultra-large models of amorphous silicon at low-wavevector limit."

  • Devilal Dahal
  • The University of Southern Mississippi

A random walk in function space: Statistical optimization of functional forms for physical models

  • Dr. Markus Eisenbach
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Electron Pairing and Domain Walls in Strontium Titanate

  • Dr. C. Stephen Hellberg
  • Naval Research Laboratory

Advancing Scientific Discovery with Quantum Computing

  • Dr. Travis Humble
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Stochastic Approximation Monte Carlo vs Wang-Landau Sampling

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfhard Janke
  • Universität Leipzig

Open Systems Simulations of Macromolecular Solutes through Adaptive Resolutions Simulations (AdResS)

  • Prof. Kurt Kremer
  • Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

Porting Monte Carlo applications to the Summit supercomputer

  • Dr. Ying Wai Li
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Density-functional study of 13-atom clusters: The cases of Cu and Ag

  • Mr. Dil Limbu
  • The University of Southern Mississippi

Cluster expansion and the Feynman many-body path integral

  • Professor Efstratios Manousakis
  • Florida State University

Atomistic Simulation of Localized Spin Waves in BCC Iron

  • Mark Mudrick
  • University of Georgia

Entropy Pair Functional Theory: Direct Entropy Evaluation Spanning Phase Transitions

  • Don Nicholson
  • Nicholson and SUN LLC

Solid-liquid transition of skyrmions in a two-dimensional chiral magnet

  • Mr. Yoshihiko Nishikawa
  • Department of Basic Science, The University of Tokyo



Quantitative characterization of void related microstructure in a-Si by Small Angle X-ray Scattering

  • Mr. Durga Paudel
  • The University of Southern Mississippi

Universality of crossover scaling for the adsorption transition of lattice polymers

  • Professor Thomas Prellberg
  • Queen Mary University of London

A cluster Monte Carlo algorithm to study systems of particles with large excluded volume

  • Professor Rajesh Ravindran
  • Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Not sure yet if there will be a talk this year.

  • Prof. Per Arne Rikvold
  • Florida State University

Distribution of metastable states of spin-glasses

  • Dr. Stefan Schnabel
  • Institut für Theoretische Physik, University of Leipzig

Control of accuracy in the Wang-Landau algorithm

  • Professor Lev Shchur
  • Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics

Dynamical phase transitions in model glass formers

  • Prof. Thomas Speck
  • University of Mainz

Polynomial simulability of quantum annealing with different Monte Carlo methods

  • Mr. Jun Takahashi
  • University of Tokyo

Photophysics of Polar Materials

  • Dr. Liang Tan
  • University of Pennsylvania

Needlestack Frameworks: Beyond Genomic Approaches to Colloidal Materials Design

  • Greg van Anders
  • University of Michigan

Accelerated Molecular Dynamics Methods

  • Dr. Arthur Voter
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory

How simulational physics can illuminate the folding funnel of proteins

  • Dr. Thomas Wuest
  • ETH Zurich

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