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A hands-on tutorial course for a simulation-management tool, OACIS  
Guest Speaker
Prof. Nobuyasu Ito with Dr. Yohsuke Murase and Naoki Yoshioka  
Guest Affiliation
RIKEN, Japan  
Sunday, February 19, 2017 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm  
CSP Conference Room (322)  

This event will be a hands-on tutorial about OACIS (Organizing Assistant for Comprehensive and Interactive Simulations) as an adjacent event to the CSP workshop. OACIS is open-source software developed by the discrete-event simulation research team of RIKEN AICS, which efficiently manages the results of your simulations and other computation.

By combining your simulators with OACIS, it is easy to conduct parameter-space exploration. OACIS also provides Python or Ruby APIs to automate the workflow, a capability which is useful for various applications including parameter sweeps, optimization, and sensitivity analysis. In the tutorial, we will demonstrate the basic usage of OACIS and let you have the experience of using it. Participants are expected to try OACIS by themselves in a virtual machine environment.

There will be no charge for participation, but participation is limited. Applicants should contact Prof. D. P. Landau ( as soon as possible.


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